12/03/2018    Christophe Orazio.


Site code DS04

Location Azambuja

Region Lisboa

Country Portugal

Local name Mata Nacional das Virtudes

Partner ISA


Site characteristics

Orientation: FLAT, Slope:4.0°, Soil :LEPTOSOLS, Bedrock : limestone

PH :4.6,

Short History of the site

copyrigth IEFC network

Mata Nacional das Virtudes”, classified as public property, managed acording to the National forest Regime, has been used for forestry production and research. Virtudes’s 1998 Quercus suber provenance trial is managed by ISA staff and part of a multi-locality provenance test carried-out within a network set up by concerted action : “European Network for the Evaluation of Genetic Resources of Cork Oak for Appropriate Use in Breeding and Gene Conservation Strategies” where 35 cork oak populations from its natural distribution area are represented (Portugal – 9; Spain – 7; Italy – 5; France – 4; Tunisia – 2; Morocco – 6; Algeria – 1; and 1 on the Portuguese/Spanish border).Cork oak adaptability to environmental conditions is poorly understood vis-à-vis climate change scenarios forecasting more frequent and longer water deficits in the Mediterranean region. In order to allocate the most adequate seed sources to each set of climatic conditions in future afforestation activities, and considering that an important source of variation in the characteristics related to adaptability may be found at the provenance level, REINFFORCE evaluated inter-provenance variability of growth, phenology and fruit sanitary status, correlation between phenology and pest damage is beeing carried out.