13/03/2018    Christophe Orazio.


Site code DS15

Location Potes

Region Cantabria

Country Spain

Local name Potes

Partner FGUVA


Site characteristics

Orientation: NW, Slope:50.0°, Soil :CAMBISOLS, Bedrock : sandstone

PH :,


Waters under river Deva basin

Short History of the site

copyrigth IEFC network

The demonstration site is located next to the place of the installation of the arboretum, making possible the use of the data from the weather station. The main objective is to reveal optimal planting densities of test species through the study the available space for development of each plant and the alignments between them. MAIN SYLVICULTURAL OPTION DEMONSTRATED: New mixed plantation of Pinus sylvestris and Pinus radiata using systematic designs in concentric circles with different grid of plant positions, varying the spacing from low to high density and the degree of composition of both species. The demonstration sites are plantations based on Nelder Wheels (Nelder, 1962) designed to evaluate the influence of the density on the mortality, the size, the pathogenic damages and the biomass allocation of each plant. The data analysis will be performed using logistic regression and spatial analysis.