13/03/2018    Christophe Orazio.


Site code DS28

Location Lamonzie-Montastruc

Region Aquitaine

Country France

Local name Bouyssonnat

Partner CRPF_Aquitaine


Site characteristics

Orientation: , Slope:6.0°, Soil :CAMBISOLS, Bedrock : acid to intermediate plutonic rocks

PH :5.0,


the site is situated in the river basin of the the river La Louyre. The demonstration site is located at 1300 m south from the stream.

Short History of the site

MAIN SYLVICULTURAL OPTION DEMONSTRATED : Gradual transformation of existing forest stand in critical conditions, in order to mitigate the effects of global change. The department of Dordogne presents large areas of coppice, mainly of chestnut tree or oaks. Among those stands, quite a lot are of mediocre quality, growing from ageing and exhausted stumps. Furthermore, the sensitivity to drought is likely to increase with the global climatic change. Those stands must be replaced if we want to maintain an interesting production capacity. A complete transformation (clear-cut, stump removal and full planting) would be far to expensive in most cases. Thus, the objective as part of the REINFFORCE project is to try out a gradual transformation technique by planting drought-tolerant forest species in strips within the coppice stand.LOCATION AND SIZE: Dordogne (Lamonzie-Montastruc) Site of Lamonzie Montastruc on a sand-clay soil, using Atlas Cedar and Black Pine (Pinus nigra sp. laricio var. calabrica). As a comparison, another site has been installed in the same department of Dordogne (Saint Martin le Pin) on acid soil : 3 ha of which 1 ha with sessile oak, 1 ha with cedar et 1 ha with Corsican pine.STAND AND SITE DESCRIPTION Bad quality chestnut tree coppice.